A collection of recent thoughts

Here are a few thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head recently: 

- Beauty always returns on investment (see: European tourism)

- The admission price of beauty is attention.

- The only resource we are actively in control of is our attention. We can hone it in like a beam or we can choose to diffuse it.

- The power of a single human doing something they believe in wholeheartedly is somehow still wildly undervalued. Every human life has the power to be insanely weighty.

- Humans are made for work, but we've  drawn too direct a correlation between money and work.

- It's necessary for human flourishing to work on something you believe in, but it's not necessary to get paid for that. (It's dope when that happens,  though)

- The internet is one of the coolest things ever, but social media is not the internet. (though it sometimes feels like it)

- I should be eating more kiwis with the skin on.

- In a world where attention is scarce, big businesses win by their disproportionate ability to convey messages.

- Teams are wildly powerful.

- Knowing too much about a thing can dissuade you from doing that thing. For difficult tasks, there is a sweet spot of ignorance.

- I spend a lot of my life on autopilot, mentally.

- One of the reasons studying abroad is universally loved is because it forces people out of autopilot.

- Google maps makes me sad. I left home without my phone recently and had to ask strangers for directions, and it  was such a safe way to enter into conversation. (They were confused as to why I didn't have my phone, though).

- Every text or call is a vote for friendship with that person.