Who are you?

My name is Drew Harrilchak! I’m just a guy.

What is Drew Sells Out (DSO)?

Drew Sells Out is an ever-evolving project.

The guise of becoming the most sponsored man in the world is a wonderful thing, and I do genuinely aspire to achieve that goal. It's the easiest net to cast over the project.

But after the first run of this project (I paused because I ran out of money and needed to find a way to pay for life) and receiving a year's supply of protein powder/436 bags of sunflower seeds, I realized I didn’t need that many of those things.

My expenses are really low right now: I live in a van, I don’t have kids or a family, and I love price/taste of a veggie egg scramble so much that I can eat it every day.

But I really loved contacting companies and the idea of traveling around and interviewing people.  And everything is way more fun when you share it. So then the idea became, "What if I could just share my sponsorships with the people who follow along?" I've played around with the phrases "the world's first crowdsourced influencer," "a modern day Robinhood," and "the human kickstarter" because I want to use the money from sponsorships to help people plant cool businesses and ideas all over the world.

The premise is that the more attention paid to DSO, the more cool stuff we can give away to people. Also, when a company sponsors me, they give 10% to the DSO fund!

What is the DSO Fund?

The DSO Fund is kind of like the Human Fund (money for people). I think there are some projects that should exist in the world just for the sake of their existence—things that wouldn’t normally exist unless some weird third party helped fund it. If you have an out-of-the-box idea that could use some funding, make a 30 second to 5 minute video explaining the idea and email me!

When is this happening?

Right now.

Where is this happening?

AlI over the U.S. (and hopefully beyond)!

I live in my van, but have 3 main hubs right now:

1) San Antonio, TX

2) Denver, CO  

3) Raleigh, NC

I also have a desperate desire to move to Portland, OR, but am waiting on the COVID dust to settle.

Why are you doing this?

I have a lot of time on my hands.

Why are you actually doing this?

Because we are living in an incredible time right now. Being a human being in 2021 is insane.  I want to push the bounds of what is possible.

In both the micro and the macro, I want to interact with reality in every given moment. In work and relationships, that means being hyper-present with the people I'm with. In overall life, it means looking at what is possible in March of 2021. Not June of 2017 (Sorry, June of 2017, I mean no shade; I’m just using a random time for affect), but right here and right now. I believe DSO might be possible, and it seems like the best use of my time.

Are you qualified to do this?

Lol what would that even mean?

Can I see a GIF of Michael Jordan dunking?

Weirdly specific but okay:

How are you getting sponsored?

By contacting companies. I just send a ton of emails and call companies and talk to random people. Every time I pitch a company or talk to someone, I just try to get free stuff.

Are there any other reasons for DSO?

If you have to push, I’m also upset at the attention economy and the amount of ads being sold. As a rule (with exceptions), influencers gross me out. Especially when they are not blatant with the fact that they are influencing and trying to make money.  Online, almost everything is an advertisement. We need to realize we are getting sold to constantly. Facebook is an $800 billion company that only makes money off of advertisements.

So a) probably get off social media. Find other ways to stay up to date with your friends (bring back the 5-minute phone call). But if not, pay attention to DSO and at least get paid for that attention.

How can I help?

Any way you want! The easiest way to help is by paying attention. (Or at least pretending to pay attention— just subscribing/following me on social media goes a long way in getting more sponsors.) Your attention has value; let’s collectively bargain and leverage that attention to get as much value as possible. If you have any specific ideas of how to help, please email me!